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Maazeh – Appetizers and Snacks

1)Ka’ak (Ring Shaped Crackers)

2)Cheese Fila

3)Meat Fila

4)Ejjeh b’Jibneh (Cheese Pancakes)

Soups and Sauces

1)Shurba (Rice Chicken Soup)


1)Bizeh (Peas)

2)Spanech b’Jibn (Spinach-Cheese Pie)

3)Banjan (Eggplant)

4)Kusa b'Jibn (Zucchini-Cheese Pie)

Grains and Pasta

1)Kalsonnes (Cheese Ravioli)

2)Grandma's Chicken & Spaghetti

Meat and Chicken

1)Tadbileh (Ground Beef)

2) Ejjeh B’Lah’Meh (Meat Pancakes)


1)Mandel Bread

2)Sahlab (Thickened Milk)

3) Chocolate Puddle Cookies

4) Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies




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