About Us

We are sisters who are 15 years apart in age, but best friends none the less. Naomi is the older one, a speech therapist who is married to Mike, her other best friend. She is also the mother of an adorable one year old girl! Sarah is the younger one, a 10th grader who is constantly busy with homework, play practice, and hanging out with her niece and all of her friends.

When Sarah was little, the two of us and our mother would have Book Cook every Thursday after school. We would read a book and then cook the food item that the book was about. For example, one time we read a Cookie Monster book and then we made cookies. This club of ours lasted for only a few months, but it is still one of our fondest memories. Which is why the idea of the two of us doing a cooking blog together was so perfect! Another fun cooking project/bonding experience for us. We have always been and will always be up for that.