Grandma's Recipes

Not every single item on this list is Syrian. There are a few foods on this list that just HAD TO make the list because I associate them with my grandmother even though they are not a Syrian food.

Maazeh – Appetizers and Snacks

1)Laham b’Ajeen (Mini Meat Pizzas)

2)Ka’ak (Ring Shaped Crackers)

3)Kibbeh Nabelsiah (Stuffed Fried Bulgar Wheat)

4)Bazirgan (Bulgar Wheat Salad)

5)Salitit Batata (Potato Salad)

6)Cheese Fila

7)Meat Fila

8)Potato Fila

9)Meat Sambousak (Stuffed Sesame Pastries)

10)Cheese Sambousak (Stuffed Sesame Pastries)

11)Ejjeh b’Jibneh (Cheese Pancakes)


Soups and Sauces

1)Fassoulieh (Great Northern Beans in Tomato Sauce)

2)Bameh (Okra in a Red Sauce)

3)Hamid (Minty Broth)

4)Shurba (Rice Chicken Soup)

5)Hamin (Syrian Stew/Chulent)



1)Fawleh b’Lahmeh (String Beans with Meat)

2)Bizeh (Peas)

3)S’fiha (Stuffed Baby Eggplants)

4)Mehshi (Stuffed Zucchini and Other Vegetables)

5)Fettair (Mushrooms)

6)Ejjeh Bakdounez (Parsley and Onion Pancakes)

7)Ejjeh Batata (Potato Pancakes)

8)Spanech b’Jibn (Spinach-Cheese Pie)

9)Kusa b’Jibn (Zucchini-Cheese Pie)

10)Lib Kusa (Sauteed Squash)


12)Banjan (Eggplant)

13)String Beans with Tomatoes

14)Fried Cauliflower


Grains and Pasta

1)Im Jedrah (Rice with Lentils)

2)Riz w’Hummus (Rice with Garbanzo Beans)

3)Kalsonnes (Cheese Ravioli)

4)Spaghetti (The Syrian Version – Djaj wa Rishta)

5)Spaghetti (Grandma’s Version)

6)Riz w’Djaj (Rice with Chicken)

7 Riz w’Bizeh (Rice with Peas)


Meat and Chicken

1)Tadbileh (Ground Beef)

2)Hashu (Spiced Ground Beef Filling)

2)Yebra (Stuffed Grape Leaves)

3)Djaj Mishwi (Chicken with Potatoes)

4) Ejjeh B’Lah’Meh (Meat Pancakes)



1)Mandel Bread

2)Assabih b’Loz (Nut-Filled Filla Fingers)

3)Ataiyef (Stuffed Syrian Pancakes)

4)Ka’ak b’Sukar (Sugar Cookies)

5)Era b’Ajweh (Date-Filled Cookies)

6)Kra’bij (Marshmallow-Dipped, Nut-Stuffed Pastry)

7)Sliha (Sweetened Whole Wheat Grains)

8)Rice Pudding

9)Riz b’Asal (Rice and Honey)

10)Sahlab (Thickened Milk)