About the Blog

Things have changed since we first introduced the blog. First we had grand plans (see below to read about them) and now we realize that our grandmother's Syrian recipes are amazing as is and that is how we want to share them with you. We will also sometimes share some of our other favorite recipes and obsessions of the moment as well as all things pesto and peanut butter.

The old plan:

The plan is to take something (our grandma's Syrian recipes) that couldn't be better and see if we could, in fact, make it better. With the wave of a wand and our magic ingredients: Voila! Syrian Food Better Than Ever! Or if not better, then at least just as good; new, exciting and different. We are going to take our grandma’s recipes and try them 2 new ways, once with peanut butter and once with pesto (our 2 favorite flavors). If everything that pesto touches becomes more delicious and everything that peanut butter touches becomes more delicious then how could this experiment go wrong? We’re always game for trying out new, creative recipes, so what’s the worse that could happen? Our mission is to find out!So, to clarify, here’s our plan: Reinvent our favorite grandma/Syrian recipes with pesto or peanut butter!
Sounds crazy, sounds delicious, sounds like so much fun! Join us on our adventure as we explore our past and our heritage by discovering new recipes and taste sensations for the future…