Tuesday, October 23, 2012

We're Back!!!

It has been a very, very long time since we have last posted.  So many changes... Where do I begin? The last post was all about Bizeh (peas) with peanut butter meatballs. It took every ounce of my strength to be able to post those pictures and I was unable to even look at the blog again for months afterwards. Why? Because I had gotten pregnant with my daughter, Katie, who has just turned a year old!! And in a mean twist of fate, what was my biggest food aversion?? Peanut butter!!! The delicious meatballs which my husband devoured and the amazing Bizeh which is one of my favorite foods in the world were torture to cook! I couldn't even think of the blog without becoming sick. And Sarah was a very busy 8th grader and without my encouragement to keep blogging (after all one of the blog's main purposes was a way for us to bond) we kind of put it on the back burner. But now that my baby is 1 year old I am ready and super excited to embrace this blog again with some help from Sarah who is now a busy 10th grader -- busy with homework, friends, and starring in her school play.

Here is a picture of Sarah and I being silly with Katie.

So, we're back!!! But there will be changes. Being apart from this blog for over a year and a half gave me some perspective. Goodbye to the gimmicks. While I still love peanut butter, my love for it is not as great as before the pregnancy. You'd never know it by watching me eat spoonfuls of it from the jar. But what I don't like as much is cooked peanut butter. I will still eat it, and my husband loves it, but I don't really feel like taking amazing Syrian recipes and cooking peanut butter into it.

Maybe my food aversion was just a way of my body telling me that since Syrian food and my grandma's cooking were so delicious, why mess with it? While a cute idea, I think it was obvious that while some foods may be more interesting with peanut butter and pesto, they would always be BETTER as they were intended to be eaten. No worries, pesto and peanut butter lovers. They will still be making appearances on this blog, just separate from the Syrian food unless it actually makes sense to add them!!

I work long days, have a baby to take care of and Sarah has so many high school responsibilities, so we no longer have time to make a recipe 3 ways. Why not keep this a celebration of our grandma and her recipes? Why not keep this a celebration of peanut butter (which is still delicious even if not as much as before)? Why not keep this a celebration of pesto? One blog can celebrate 3 things without having to combine them into one meal. Right?

A Celebration of My Grandma

Another change over our hiatus. Pinterest!! So I imagine that some recipes and crafts we have discovered from Pinterest will also be making an appearance.

So, welcome back to our new and improved blog! Stay Tuned...

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