Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kalsonnes's Pesto Makeover

Everyone I asked--Naomi, my mom, my friends--all thought that pesto and kalsonnes would be a perfect match. It turns out they were sooo right! I adore kalsonnes and thought the original recipe would always be my favorite, but from now on I want pesto kalsonnes to be the only kalsonnes. Not putting down the original recipe, of course, but adding four tablespoons of the basic pesto recipe--I actually added some spinach to the basic pesto recipe--turned great Syrian food into amazing Syrian food.

The Result: Success!!

Recommended by everyone who tasted it (Me, Naomi, Mike, both my parents, and my friends), everyone should try this recipe!
So in fact, everything is better with pesto!(Well, at least kalsonnes is--we'll see about everything else!!)

Here's the recipe:

Pesto Kalsonnes

1) 1 package of wonton skins
2) 7 oz farmer cheese (about half a package)
3) 7 oz muenster cheese
4) 1 egg
5) 4 tbs of basic pesto recipe (my pesto had one and a half cups of spinach added to mixture)

Mix last 4 ingredients together and put in center of wanton skin. With finger, rub water on four sides of wanton skins and fold over into triangles or rectangles.

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  1. I made these for dinner last night, and some of the traditional ones. I used ricotta instead of farmer cheese and I used cheddar instead of muenster cheese.
    Turned out great! Thanks for the idea! :)