Thursday, January 13, 2011

What This is All About

This blog is ¼ about sisterly bonding, ¼ about our love of all things pesto and peanut butter, ¼ about our love for our grandma, and ¼ about our love for Syrian food. There’s a whole lot of love going on in this blog. Oh, and ¼ about our love for cooking and discovering new recipes and taste sensations. Maybe that didn’t add up exactly right, but you get the idea!

Sarah and I may be almost 15 years apart in age but we love each other’s company and are great friends. We go to concerts together (Barenaked Ladies), share clothes, and she’s always sleeping over at my apartment. She’s 14 years old going on 30.

Here's a picture from the Barenaked Ladies concert this past summer:

I don’t know exactly when I decided to start my own blog. It came to me gradually. I love, love, love reading cooking blogs (which can be a huge distraction when I am trying to get work done) and one day I thought, “Hey, I can do this too!” After that there was no turning back. It was all I thought of day and night. And the thought of doing the blog with Sarah made it that much more exciting. I know that her creativity will make this blog all the more awesome!

Here's a picture of Sarah showing off the dinner that she made (with my help) when she was 8.

We kept tossing ideas at each other back and forth about what our blog should be about. Here’s what came forth from putting our two heads together:

1)We both love to cook. This love was handed down to us from our grandma and our mother. My grandma was the most amazing cook and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to my mother’s cooking. My grandma was born in New York to two Syrian parents and therefore she mainly cooked Syrian food. We were lucky because Syrian food is just so delicious. My grandmother passed away a few years ago and now my mother and my sisters and I all cook her recipes. She even hand wrote a cookbook for my mother when she got married which has been scanned and made into a copy for my older sister and me when we got married. There are very few Syrian recipes that we do not love.

Our Grandma and Our Mom - Our Two Inspirations for Cooking:

Here is a picture of me at my wedding shower. My mother had just surprised me with a cookbook filled with my grandmother's recipes.

2)You know what else is delicious? Pesto. My older sister, Kathi, taught me how to make pesto (the secret? No pine nuts. Use almonds, walnuts, or pecans. Any nut but pine nuts) and I am popular among my friends because of my pesto recipe. I introduced pesto to my husband, Mike, and he is even more obsessed with it than I am (if that is possible.) Both Sarah and I (and Mike of course) think we could eat pesto every day and never get sick of it. Anything we have ever added it to (pasta, pizza, eggs, potato) are only made more delicious because of it.

3)Peanut butter. Except for people who are allergic, who doesn’t love peanut butter? Some people prefer the “fake” peanut butter with all the added sugar (not us), and some people prefer the natural peanut butter (that’s us!!), but everyone likes peanut butter, right? The only times I don’t love eating food with peanut butter in it is when it is made with the sugary peanut butter. Otherwise, yum, yum, and triple yum!!

4)If Syrian food and pesto and peanut butter are delicious, well then how much more delicious would they be if we put them all together? What if we were to take our grandma’s recipes and try it 2 new ways, once with peanut butter and once with pesto? If everything that pesto touches becomes more delicious and everything that peanut butter touches becomes more delicious then how could this experiment go wrong? I know, I know. Our grandma’s recipes are perfect as is, why mess with them? We’re just convinced that adding pesto or peanut butter will only be improving on perfection! We’re always game for trying out new, creative recipes, so what’s the worse that could happen?

So here’s our plan:

Reinvent our favorite grandma/Syrian recipes with pesto or peanut butter!

Sounds crazy, sounds delicious, sounds like so much fun! Join us on our adventure as we explore our past and our heritage by discovering new recipes and taste sensations for the future…

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