Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sarah's Introduction

What can be better than creating new and exciting recipes for a blog with my sister? The answer is just about nothing, because I love to cook and hang out with Naomi. This whole crazy blog idea started when Naomi got obsessed with blogs--especially cooking blogs. I've always loved to cook, and her idea that we do a food blog together was super exciting for both of us. Syrian food is the link between Syrian generations, so we felt it would be perfect to have fun with our favorite Syrian recipes, thereby sharing all we were taught by our grandma and mom. Since I'm so much younger than all my other siblings, I didn't know my grandmother as well as they did. I'm also not as familiar with her recipes. By the time I was old enough to appreciate it, Grandma wasn't really cooking anymore. But my mom and my sisters cook her recipes, and doing an experiment like this blog with Naomi is the perfect thing to teach me even more about my grandma and our Syrian heritage. This project of injecting new flavors into old recipes will be a challenge, but I am so ready for it and am super excited!

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