Monday, November 19, 2012

diy fashion!

So as you readers can probably tell by now, our new and re-invented blog has no rules and no formula--Nomi and I kind of do whatever we want. (She even featured a music video for barenaked ladies.)
Therefore, in this post, I won't just be commemorating my grandma who was a great cook and hostess, but a grandma that was talented and went the extra mile for her daughter and grandchildren. How? Although I was too young to properly remember my grandma, the entertaining stories I sometimes hear about her show me how she was always making things for her kids--sewing doll clothes or making pretty headbands for birthdays.
Knowing this about my grandma made me feel even more connected to her because i love to do things like that too! Although i don't know how to sew, i have many ways around that (hello, hot glue gun!) and i always look online, especially places like pinterest, to inspire new ideas like baby accessories for Katie!
Nomi and I have decided to dedicate a night a week to "craft night" where i sleep over and we do a project. A third sisterly bonding, a third settling her into her new apartment, and a third doing fun, inventive crafts for the home, Katie, or us. Hopefully we'll also post what we create!

The first DIY fashion project i'm uploading is just how to make a simple bow. So quick and easy to make, and very in style now, i can't help but be in love with these! Now that bows are super in, i can wear them all the time, to my delight! (I'm the type of person who loved bows before they got popular.)

This tutorial is courtesy of YULA fashion club.

You start with a long piece of fabric.

The wider and longer it is, the bigger the bow will be. I started with a piece of ribbon that i cut to my liking, but you can really start with any scrap of material. the great thing about these DIY bows is that many different kinds of fabric work!

Next, you fold the fabric almost like you would a letter. You basically make the ends meet in the middle. then glue this down with a hot glue gun.

Once you do this, you can just crinkle up the middle and you'll see the fabric turn into a bow. Before gluing or spending time and effort on a bow, you should do these first steps quickly to see if its the right material for a bow. Some are too thick, too thin, and these will just not crinkle the way you want them to.

Now its time for the end! You just need to get a small piece of fabric, even shorter than your pointer finger, and wrap it around the middle. Option number one would be to tie the fabric piece tightly. However, this may make the folded bow fabric fall out and not last. Option number two is use a glue gun to glue everything tightly in place. You can even hand stitch everything together if you want it to be very secure.

And voila! Your bow is now complete! To be able to wear it in your hair, just slide on a bobby pin in the back like so...

or if you want it to be super sturdy for bigger bows, a barrette.

And now my finished bow can be added to my quickly growing collection! But don't stop with just using them as hair accessories. they can be glued or sewed into clothing, shoes, or even rings!

I sent my 7 year old niece a bow and she could not believe that I made it myself! She was so impressed!

So I hope you liked the first blog post that has nothing to do with food  in our new and improved no rules blog! I promise we will not be dipping these bows in peanut butter or pesto!

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